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Selling My Home in Aurora on Craigslist

Selling My Home in Aurora on Craigslist

Craigslist is the seventh most-popular website in the United States, with over 60 million people visiting every month. It is all about no-frills buying and selling. Also, offers a huge local online marketplace for buyers, sellers and investors in Aurora. And it’s huge for a reason: it works. It could be you have never considered Craigslist as a way to sell your home. It's important to understand some of the advantages it has over other platforms. Here's what to know when "selling my home in Aurora on Craigslist".

Is Craigslist a Good Idea When Selling Real Estate?

Craigslist can get you in touch with buyers in large metro areas. This allows users to post in specific subcategories devoted to individual neighborhoods. Also, other smaller areas with a single ad. When selling your home, exposure and visibility are everything. If you live in Aurora (or near) a city with its own Craigslist page, it's good to check the advantages.

It’s a Great Online Resource

Posting advertisements for real estate properties online has become very popular. It is a great way to attract investors. Many have sold properties and found some great ones through the real estate section on Craigslist.

Fast and Free

Craigslist is fast and free. It will most likely take less than 5 minutes to create an account and post a listing.  And different from most websites and newspapers who charge fees for ad space. Craigslist is free, so you can post as many posts as you want, as much as you want.

Craigslist also contains numerous discussion boards. These are spaces where you can easily meet people who have similar interests. In real estate and investing, this website is also a great (and surprising) networking tool. However, browsing these listings and vetting the contacts you make requires a lot of caution and attention. It is important to be very careful.

Craigslist Gone Awry

We’ve all heard the horror stories of Craigslist encounters not going as planned. Some of these old scams are now making a comeback in Aurora. Legitimate buyers, renters and investors alike are again becoming wary of finding the perfect home online. Sometimes it's all part of an attempt to get personal information.

Realtors say that one of these scams happens when the person who pretends to own the home. They solicit personal information and/or a deposit payment. The scammers may pose as the owner, request your credit card information and social security number. 

How to Buy and Sell Safely on Craigslist

The ironic thing here is that if your buyers are all following the recommended online safety guidelines. This is to try to eliminate the bad apples trying to spoil the bunch. Or know that it’s safe to even show them your home? Are you just wasting your time? Are you setting yourself up to be scammed or victimized? With the anonymity of online interest, there is also no way of knowing who you are showing your home to.


For a safe and profitable Craigslist experience, buyers and sellers alike are cautioned. Never give out real contact information and use a disposable or proxy email address. This helps to preserve anonymity. 

Buyers are cautioned to never give out any personal or financial information. Sellers are cautioned to remove geotags from pictures before posting. This is so thieves cannot access your location. All of these precautions appear counterintuitive to a successful real estate transaction.

Finding an Easy, Profitable Solution and the Perfect Fit

Let’s face it, while the free ads and do-it-yourself nature of a Craigslist may be appealing to you – at what cost are you trying to avoid professional fees? Selling my home in Aurora on Craigslist may be more trouble than it's worth! The good news for home sellers in Aurora is that Express Property Solutions may be the perfect fit for you. We can offer a solution to your real estate needs AND you can sell your home without those dreaded professional fees. 

Don’t expose yourself, your family or your property to the many pitfalls of online selling. We are eager to save you the time, stress and headache of trying to market.  Sell your home on your own. Call Rapid Home Solutions today at 312-764-0989 to find out how we can help you get out of your home fast!

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